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Built to Your Specifications

While some businesses don't require any special design features, others have to be constructed based on the exact needs of the customer. Meylan Construction of San Rafael, California, offers custom specialty construction. Whether you need a true clean room or some other custom design, we can provide it for you in addition to normal commercial construction.

Clean Rooms and Labs

We are skilled at building different classes of clean rooms. Most of these rooms include anterooms, positive pressure rooms, negative pressure rooms, and HVAC systems with various stages of HEPA filters. Clean rooms can include various monitoring systems for air pressure, humidity, and temperature. Additionally, most of the surfaces in these rooms are hard, nonporous, and washable.

Many laboratories, we work on have critical environmental requirements and, depending on the function of the lab, have an array of demands. They include biological and infectious controls along with gas and vacuum systems.

Corrosion resistant surfaces such as countertops, cabinets, sinks, and plumbing are common along with sensors and monitoring systems that may be required by overseeing agencies. One of the most difficult obstacles in clean room and laboratory construction is performing the work while operations and experiments are being maintained, but this is a task we are prepared for.

Collage of a Clean Room and a Laboratory

Processing and Manufacturing

Many of our clients are industrial manufacturing and processing companies. They mostly request building or modifying a facility to support their unique operations or typical construction in unique or adverse conditions. Many of these projects employ higher voltage and three-phase equipment, often including commercial grade, heavy-duty designs and atypical construction, such as high temperature and high pressure environments. These facilities are designed to operate around the clock with features that include conveying systems, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, and atypical air or water demands.