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A Less Noisy Environment

The type of work you do may require you to control the noise level or to reduce it considerably. Solve your sound needs with services from Meylan Construction of San Rafael, California. We provide specialty construction that uses architectural acoustics and other sound abatement techniques to reduce noise.

Recording Studio

Acoustical and Sound

Some of the most enjoyable, specialized work we have done has been in recording studios that include acoustical components. We have built several new recording studios in existing buildings, and we have also remodeled quite a few commercial and private recording studios, control rooms, machine rooms, isolation booths, sub studios, lounges, and kitchens. Our experience includes manufacturing and industrial sound mitigation with sound walls, sound traps, sound cancellation, and the use of white noise.

We are familiar with sound isolation and various techniques for attenuation, including the use of base traps, RPGs, sound diffusers, and absorbers. To satisfy your specific sound requests, we use resilient channel and mass loaded vinyl, sound caulking, QuietRock™ and Homasote™ products, Mason™ Insulators, and the various products used in acquiring high STC rated walls and assemblies. Working with various door manufacturers, we have modified standard door and window assemblies minimize sound leaks without sacrificing function.

Enjoy year-round comfort from heating and ventilation systems that work without introducing unwanted noise or allowing sound to leak into unwanted places. We work with various cable management systems, giving us familiarity with the power requirements for these types of facilities. Once the features for function are completed, attention can be directed to visual and aesthetic components such, as fabric walls and elegant wood finishes.

Sound Abatement

Many workplaces produce or are affected by unwanted noise levels that can interfere with function and productivity. We are familiar with many of the simple solutions that utilize readily available and inexpensive materials, but also have experience with unique and sophisticated solutions.

Certain frequencies are more harmful than others, and certain solutions can be implemented depending on the different frequencies. High frequency noises require a different solution than low frequency noises. Some conditions prefer a living room where the sound lasts for a longer period and other conditions require a dead room where the sound is attenuated quickly. Large rooms with hard, flat surfaces present problems for many users, but we can provide you with relief help from various solutions.

Sound Proofing Material